Thursday, May 1, 2014

The FBE Book and Bourlaug’s 100th

A post a few months ago highlighted a new book coming out by Fischer, Byerlee, and Edmeades (FBE) on crop yield trends and food security. It has now been officially published and available on this website. I definitely recommend it to anyone interested in the topic of food security or global crop yield prospects. They also have a lot of handy figures and tables and maps for teaching.

Also, while I'm on the topic of unsolicited reading suggestions, last month there was a symposium in Mexico to celebrate Borlaug’s 100th year birthday. I was bummed that I had to decline an invitation to speak - one of the opportunity costs of working on the IPCC, which had it's plenary approval session in Japan at the same time. But luckily they have posted all of the presentations from the meeting here. If you want a cliff notes version of some of FBE, both Fischer and Byrelee presented at the Borlaug meeting and their slides are up there too.

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