Monday, May 8, 2017

Chat with Nature editor Michael White about publishing, interdisciplinary research, and the state of climate economics

I recently had a long discussion with Dr. Michael White (the editor at Nature who handles climate science and economics) about a whole bunch of issues that probably interest g-feeders: working in an interdisciplinary space, deciding when to publish in econ vs. general interest journals, what we're all doing in climate econ these days, and the things he thought were funny (as a non-economist) about the AEA meetings. (There's also a few stories about my oddball childhood in there for Marshall to laugh at.)

You can listen here (1 hr).

He thought he was interviewing me for his podcast, but really I was interviewing him for our blog;) The session was an episode of Michael's podcast Forecast, which he produces to cover climate science.  Michael has been a regular attendee at our climate economics lunch and it's been helpful to get his take on the recent developments in our field.

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  1. Are the CCE lunches open to the public / UC Berkeley alumni? :)