Thursday, December 29, 2016

New Journal: Economics of Disasters and Climate Change

Ilan Noy and Shun Managi have started a new journal that focuses on topics near and dear to this blog, so I thought I would spread the word.  They are aiming to publish three issues in 2017, the first in July.  So if you're itching to get a paper out soon, perhaps you might want to consider this outlet.

It can take awhile for a journal to build a good reputation, but I have a hunch this will fill a high-demand niche and soon will have high-impact.

Here's what Ilan wrote in a note to the Editorial Board:
We strongly believe that the community of researchers in economics working on disasters and climate change issues can benefit from and will be interested in this new venue to publish and read about new research. Please also suggest to your ‘fellow travelers’ that they can sign up to receive notices when new issues are available.  We aim for the first of three 2017 issues to be published in July, so we need papers! If you have any relevant research papers, please consider the journal. The submission portal is now functioning, and we will speed up the refereeing process this year to hit our deadlines.  If you want to write a more policy-oriented piece for the journal, Stephane Hallegatte (World Bank) is the policy editor. Shun Managi (Univ of Kyushu)  will handle papers on climate change economics and Ilan Noy (Victoria University) will handle research papers on disasters.  
The journal details are here: